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Untouchable Jade

Untouchable Jade
By: Afrodisiac MWF (

Mrs. Jade Thomas, a breathtakingly attractive married high school teacher remained at her desk after school trying to grade papers. Idly watching the dust mop sweeping down the aisles between the desks of her room was not the distraction. Whirling around within Jade's mind was a kaleidoscope of taboo temptations that until recent events had been successfully suppressed for years.

Jade had been conversely delighted and astounded when recently encountering Tyrone Johnson after ten years of not seeing him. During college Jade spent countless hours tutoring and was well aware Tyrone as the most frequently tutored had a crush on her. Being a late bloomer with her own belated interests in the opposite sex made it difficult for her to suppress the taboo desires simmering within her when in the younger black man's company. Even though she resisted reciprocating mutual hormonal urges at that time, interracial inclinations became the strongest initial, and therefore, indelible imprint in Jade's sexual psyche.

During each one of the increasingly frequent casual encounters Tyrone made it clear that his desire for her was every bit as strong as when a teenager. He unabashedly expressed appreciation of Jade's stunning five-foot eight, 38C-24-36 body. While his lecherous eyes appreciatively caressing her body made her nipples spike surreptitious glances at his crotch revealed a package that left her wet with wanton desire.

While the school's black janitor swept between the desks of her classroom Nathan Brown had no clue his mere presence sexually aroused the gorgeous teacher. For a few seconds Jade's head rose from the same paper lying in front of her since the janitor entered the room. She looked right at him with a far away look in her eyes as her tongue slowly and sensually licked her suddenly dry lips.

Seldom needing or wanting to remain after school, this afternoon was the first time the school's black janitor entered her room while she was still there. No one in the bigoted, mostly white school had any clue recently reawakened interracial sexual inclinations secretly aroused the perceived totally untouchable most gorgeous married teacher at the high school. Even after he finished cleaning her room and departed Jade couldn't seem to resist lasciviously fantasizing what extramarital sexual involvement between Nathan Brown and her might be like.

Lascivious fantasies about her finally going black, of Mr. Brown's big, strong, ebony hands groping her, squeezing her breasts flooded her brain. Like a drowning person grasping at a life ring to keep from going under her mind tried unsuccessfully to fixate on grading papers. But her erotic daydream continued with Nathan's head falling between her legs and his tongue stabbing at her freely offered pussy. Jade slipped her fingers beneath her skirt titillating her jerking and quivering wet pussy fantasizing Nathan's tongue licking and stabbing into her hot white pussy. Her chest heaved and her breath came in choked gasping sobs as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over her.

Much of the time during the past few weeks Jade had been unable to quell salacious fantasies dominating her thoughts. One failed and the present unsatisfying marriage to older white men over the past dozen years were proof social standards didn't fulfill Jade's needs. Although so socially unacceptable it was considered the greatest taboo, no longer could she ignore what she secretly wanted, no needed, was to satisfy her long suppressed curiosity about the rumors surrounding white women's inability to resist black fucking!

Spasmodic shivers of pleasure racked her petite white body as she vividly imagined something bigger and harder than ever encountered running teasingly over her fluttering pussy lips. For long minutes he simply stood there with just the tip of his monstrous blackness inside the seething bubbling cauldron between her willingly spread legs relishing the moment of finally submitting to a black fucking. Then with a tightening of his buttocks and a rotating of his hips he sent another inch of his tremendous ebony hardness into her hot wet white pussy.

At last his hips jerked sending another inch of blackness into her tight cunt. To all outward appearances, he remained motionless behind her. But it was a whole different story inside her. Like a living entity his magnificent dark cock pulsed and throbbed sending spikes of unparalleled pleasure rippling through her. Her sexy body quivered and shook with each imaginary pleasurable spike. Vividly she imagined pushing back to meet him but just as his tight hold on her slim waist prevented her from doing so.

"Does Mrs. Thomas want this lowly janitor to shove his big black cock in her tight white cunt and black fuck her? Is that what you be wanting Mrs. Thomas?" With agonizing slowness he withdrew three or four inches of his dark meat until all but the cock knob remained between her widely splayed pussy lips. Then with a twisting and rotating of his pelvis he lunged forward sinking not only that which he had withdrawn but over half of his big black cock.

In her lascivious fantasy her sensual moan of pleasure filled the empty room as her body convulsed and ecstatic fireworks exploded in her brain in response to the unprecedented depth to which he had penetrated her. Then she pleaded for her first extramarital lover to fuck her, to shove his black cock into her as his hips again jerked sending yet another inch between her moist splayed lips.

She envisioned amazing pelvic thrusts set a pace that was sure to prolong her pleasure. Fleeting images of his nearly seven inches of dark cock sawing in and out of her tight cunt. If Nathan Brown had at least two more inches of big thick black cock, then Mrs. Jade Thomas, untouchable, married white teacher would secretly be the school's black janitor's mistress whenever he wanted her.

Why hadn't either one of her white husbands ever made her feel like this? Why, why, why. But as quickly as the question had come to her so too did the answer. As if to deny the filthy vision that threatened to consume her she squeezed her eyes tightly shut. But there was no blocking out the answer. No blocking out the mind altering imagery of either a big black cock jack-hammering into her or the kaleidoscope of salacious pictures flooding her brain. In her lascivious fantasy it was as if he could read her mind for no sooner had the sordid images of not only his but also Tyrone Johnson's black cock fucking her entered into her fantasy she imagined Nathan's rhetorical question, "You've always wanted a black fucking haven't you Mrs. Thomas?"

Following this most vivid ever fantasy Jade decided she would find a way to meet Tyrone out of town and far away form potential career ending gossip. Jade admitted she had always found him very desirable. Although she always claimed phallic size wasn't an issue, she was candidly impressed with the visibly impressive length and girth of Tyrone's cock bulge.

The night before flying to the Bahamas she met Tyrone in a hotel in Tyson's Corner's just outside of Washington DC. He was well dressed and quite friendly and open. Jade was looking amazing and he quickly complimented her. She'd bought a new dress especially for this momentous occasion. It was a black tube top dress with a short flowing bottom. The hem fell just below the bottom of her ass-cheeks, threatening to give everyone a delightful view if the wind blew just so. The tight tube top accentuated her tits, riding just so her nipples were at the very most upper edge of her top, leaving them ready to peek out with the merest downward slippage or sudden movement. Her tits were tightly pressed together and offered up for viewing by nearly anyone passing by. Underneath, she had on the tiniest little mesh pink thong that barely covered her smooth, sexy pussy that she'd shaved in her bath just hours ago. She was wearing a pair of chunky stripper style platform heels that elevated her to nearly six feet tall.

After talking with Tyrone while consuming some tasty adult beverages, it was evident that he and Jade were getting along very well. Jade was in full flirt mode as she kept laughing at nearly every word Tyrone spoke, lightly touching his arm and shoulder as she did so. Tyrone was apparently feeling touchy, also, as he had rested his strong right hand on Jade's lean left thigh that she'd crossed over her right leg. They kept leaning in close and to hear what they were saying over the loud music and others talking around us in the bar.

Jade incredulously asked, "Do you really think you can fit it all in?"

Tyrone's confident response was, "Don't worry, baby, I'll have you stuffed completely."

Jade just smiled and laughed.

About ten minutes later, Jade and Tyrone stood up. Undoubtedly every eye in the bar and lobby watching the gorgeous white married woman walking with the handsome black guy knew she was going black. What they couldn't and didn't know was how many years the sexy married white teacher had suppressed interracial inclinations prior to this extramarital rendezvous.

Waiting for the elevator, Tyrone told Jade he couldn't wait to see her naked. Jade's never been one to be afraid of showing some skin, so she looked around, and seeing no one else near the recessed elevator area, pulled slightly on the tight tube top and out popped her already erect pink nipples followed by the rest of her firm, ripe tits.

Tyrone's face lit-up and he exclaimed, "Damn! Those are some fine titties!"

Jade smiled and giggled as Tyrone's hands immediately flew to her tits, cupping them, grabbing, pinching the nipples and pulling on them as Jade stood there with a great big mischievous grin on her face. Tyrone leaned over and took Jade's left nipple in his mouth. What a shock anyone would get if they happened upon a half-naked white woman with her tits being sucked and played with in public by a tall, handsome black man. To add to it, Tyrone's other hand had roamed down to Jade's ass, reaching under her short skirt and groping her. As he deftly grabbed and caressed Jade's bare ass, he reached deep between her legs which she'd slightly spread. Anyone could tell he was zeroing in on her pussy because Jade's eyes widened and she gasped as his fingers found her barely covered clit. Tyrone then moved his other hand down and up under the front of Jade's skirt as he moved his mouth to her swollen right nipple, leaving her left nipple wet with his saliva. Jade was squirming as his hands found the thin side strings of her microthong and pulled it down to the middle of her thigh and pulled up her skirt, exposing her pussy completely so he could see it.

He gasped, "What a fucking gorgeous little pussy!!"

His fingers sawed between Jade's legs and were immediately glistening with her sweet pussy juices. Jade was transfixed and lost all touch with reality.

The elevator door dinged and they heard voices on the other side of the door. Jade's lusty eyes brightened and she hastily pushed her skirt down as Tyrone stood up and adjusted his thick, semi-erect cock that was snaking down the inside of his thigh. Poor Jade, though, didn't have time to get herself completely situated and as the door slid open, she was just pulling up her top. Had the young couple been really paying attention, they could have easily glimpsed Jade's pert breast as she yanked the top up, still leaving basically the top half of her left nipple poking up over the edge of the fabric. What did catch their attention instead was the tiny bright pink thong bikini panties that were rolled down about four inches below the hem of Jade's skirt -- right in the middle of her socially-unacceptably spread thighs. The guy smiled as he eyed Jade up and down and spied Jade's panties. The woman with him followed his gaze and grabbed his arm as he momentarily hesitated walking off the elevator and commented, "That slut's sure gonna get fucked tonight!"

Reality smacked the once untouchable teacher in the face and they hustled onto the elevator just as Jade's top slipped, completely exposing her left nipple. The adventure or excitement of essentially getting caught seemed to embolden Tyrone and Jade as they huddled into a corner of the elevator car with their hands roaming all over each other's bodies. Tyrone ripped Jade's top completely down again as he pressed the button to the 7th floor. Jade was wantonly rubbing Tyrone's crotch as the elevator steadily climbed to the 7th floor. She smiled as she stroked Tyrone's ever-lengthening cock through his pants. Jade's legs were spread farther as Tyrone massaged her pussy. Arriving at their floor, Jade bent at the waist, leaned over and pulled her panties completely off, giving Tyrone a full-on view of her dripping wet pussy and tightly puckered asshole. She walked off the elevator with her tits jiggling with each step she took, completely unconcerned that someone might get a free viewing of her obviously aroused bare breasts. She arrived at the door to their room and stood there smiling as Tyrone followed her.

As soon as they unlocked the door and stepped in, Jade and Tyrone were kissing passionately and frantically rubbing each other's bodies. Tyrone had shed his shirt, revealing his broad muscled chest that Jade was kissing all over as her hands were quickly unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. She pushed them down to the floor as she kept kissing her way down Tyrone's torso, stopping at the waistband of his boxer-briefs.

As she crouched in front of Tyrone, Jade grabbed his ass and leaned back, taking in a full view of his hardening cock straining against the thin material holding him in. As his black cock grew, the thick, dark head poked out of the bottom of his boxer briefs. Jade leaned back in and kissed the mushroom head and then wrapped her radiant ruby red lips around it and started flicking her tongue over it. Tyrone reached down and literally had to fish his long cock out of his underwear to release it. As he did, his huge cock hung semi-erect and when he let go of it, it fell heavily on Jade's upturned face, falling across her cheek and nose as she tried to catch it in her mouth. Jade had to lean back a little as Tyrone's cock hung heavily between his legs, bending downward a bit from its own weight.

Jade again quickly captured his cock in her mouth and started sucking and licking the tip of it. She then took his thick black cock with one and then both hands, stroking the length of his cock as she spread the saliva from the tip down the length of his completely hard cock. It must have been amazing to see Jade's small white hands barely wrapped around the girth and length of his big thick black cock, leaving a good three or four inches at the end that she stuffed greedily into her open mouth. Jade's wedding ring glinted softly in the low light as she stroked and sucked him.

Completely erect, Tyrone's cock stood out straight from his toned body like a baseball bat. The head of his cock flared, adding another three inches to the already large circumference of his shaft. Jade's mouth was open wide and straining to just get the head of his cock in her mouth. Tyrone stood there complimenting her on what a gorgeous site it was seeing her lips wrapped around his cock and how amazing her mouth felt.

Jade was looking straight up into Tyrone's eyes as she kept sucking and slurping on the big black cock in front of her. Jade reached down between her spread legs and wiped her hand along her pussy, gather the liberal pussy juice she'd been leaking. Her hand looked covered as she showed Tyrone how wet she was and then began jacking his cock with her pussy juice.

Tyrone took the hint and pulled Jade up off his cock and led her over to the king sized bed. He silently unzipped her skirt and let it fall around her ankles. Tyrone then pushed her gently backward onto the bed so she was sitting there with his pre-cum leaking cock inches from her face. His cock was producing so much pre-cum that it literally dripped like a broken faucet, falling onto Jade's breasts and thighs, leaving small glistening trails as each huge glob of clear liquid slid down her sweet-tasting skin. Jade reached up and stroked his cock, producing even larger dollops of pre-cum from Tyrone's thick cock. The unnoticed silence broke as Jade lustily moaned, "God, I want you to fuck me so bad right now! I want all of that gorgeous black cock inside me!"

Tyrone smiled and asked, "You want the skin or the rubber, baby?"

Jade turned and looked at the erotic tableau in the mirror for the first time since they had walked into the room. She was obviously torn between her raw desire to feel his skin and our concerns we'd talked about.

After a moment's hesitation -- during which I'm sure she thought a million different things -- Jade quietly and with just a hint of disappointment only a lover of seven years could understand, replied, "I think I want the rubber," and then quickly added, "for now."

So as Jade continued to squeeze large drops of Tyrone's pre-cum onto her body, he grabbed a condom and gave it to her.

Tyrone kept smiling as any red-blooded male would, and politely replied, "No problem, baby, whatever you're comfortable with."

That response let her know she'd picked the right guy to introduce her to black fucking.

Jade let go of Tyrone's cock momentarily and opened the condom. The condom looked impossibly small when she placed it up against the huge mushroom head of Tyrone's cock. Jade tried rolling it onto Tyrone's cockhead, but couldn't get it rolled past the rim of it, so Tyrone reached down and helped her. The rubber was stretched so tightly around Tyrone's giant cock that it looked like it would break at any moment. Jade realized she should have gotten Magnums for him. The thought faded quickly as Jade scooted back on the bed.

Tyrone had crawled onto the bed and was kneeling back on his feet with his condom-wrapped behemoth just resting against Jade's sopping wet cunt. He grabbed Jade by the hips and scooted her down so that his cock was resting on her pelvis and stomach. Jade looked down and just gasped as she realized that if Tyrone were to imbed all ten inches of his monster cock inside her, it would be incredibly deep inside her pussy. Jade's hips rotated up and her legs spread wide out to her sides while Tyrone tilted his hips back and placed the head of his cock against Jade's pussy. This time, though, Tyrone started applying pressure, pushing hard against her pussy as he held her pussy lips open wide with one of his hands. Jade rose up on her elbows and watched as Tyrone's huge black cock slowly invaded her married white pussy.

Tyrone paused for a moment, slightly withdrawing the 1/2" or so he'd pressed into Jade and commented, "Damn, baby, you're as tight a pussy as I've ever fucked."

He then pushed again and Jade yelped and moaned loudly as Tyrone's oversized cock head pressed past the opening of her pussy.

Her breathing already started to quicken as she panted, "Oh, god, it so thick...I'm so...full...already..."

Tyrone chuckled and popped the head of his cock back out of her pussy and then quickly shoved it back in about two dozen times, each time eliciting a louder and louder moan from Jade until finally she moaned, "Fuck me...oh, please...oh fuck...oh...nooo....I'm cumming already...ahhhhh..."

Her body tensed as Tyrone stayed still with just the tip of his fuckstick buried in my lover. As she relaxed a few moments later, Tyrone clenched his hips and thrust another three or four inches into Jade's quivering pussy. Again, Tyrone expertly fucked just the first three or four inches of his cock in and out of Jade until she had another massive orgasm and was left thrashing and clenching the sheets as she came all over his big black cock. After her second orgasm, Jade's pussy was making squishy, sloppy sounds as Tyrone again pressed a little more of his cock deeper inside Jade's pussy. With just nine inches inside her, Tyrone's cock was deeper inside her than I'd ever been.

Tyrone flashed his smile and replied, "Don't worry, sexy, it's just like a door...knock on it long enough and it'll open right up."

For ten more minutes, Tyrone pumped his big black cock steadily deeper in and out of Jade's tight pussy and in the process bringing Jade to her third and fourth orgasms in the first twenty minutes. Finally, Jade let out the loudest moan yet as Tyrone's cock sank completely into her so deep that his egg-sized balls were pressed against her ass. Jade was nearly hyperventilating as Tyrone stayed still with every bit of his big thick black cock imbedded into Jade's hot wet white pussy. He grunted as he slowly humped a few inches back and forth, keeping the head of his cock buried inside Jade.

"Oh, baby....oh... it's so deep....oh god...I can feel it inside me....actually inside me, baby," she panted as she looked at their erotic image in the nearby mirror.

Tyrone then pulled out until his cock knob was just outside Jade's cunt and then drove it slowly back in until he was balls-deep. For a long time and two more orgasms for Jade, he fucked Jade slowly like that until he started picking up the pace. He'd been fucking Jade for nearly 45 minutes. As his pace quickened, Jade was babbling on and on about how good his big black cock felt inside her and urging him to fuck her harder and faster with his amazing pelvic thrusts. Sweat was pouring off of their bodies as Tyrone's heavy balls slapped hard against Jade's ass. Jade's tits were frenetically bouncing back and forth and she held onto her nipples, pinching and pulling them as their fucking reached higher and higher crescendos.

And then it happened, as Jade multiple orgasmed, Tyrone let out a low, guttural growl and said, "Fuck yeah, baby, you ready for my cum in your married pussy? Are you?"

Jade went wild telling Tyrone every erotic fantasy she had about him and her urging him to fuck her married white pussy with his big black cock. With one last great thrust, Tyrone slammed his cock deep inside Jade and moaned as he held himself still for a moment as his cum boiled up the length of his cock and started to erupt.

As Jade babbled on, Tyrone started pumping his cock in and out in short spastic thrusts as he no doubt kept cumming with each mini-thrust. For what seemed like an eternity the two of them kept cumming on and in each other, moaning and groaning incoherently as pleasure rippled through their bodies.

Tyrone finally came to a stop with his cock buried balls deep in Jade. She stopped writhing around underneath him and they lay there in an ecstatic post coital glow.

A few moments later Tyrone withdrew his still hard cock from Jade's pink, swollen pussy. Only this time, it seemed different than when he'd put it in. There were white smears of thick liquid clinging to his black shaft. A thick drop of milky white cum oozed lazily out of the tip of his cock and dropped onto Jade's well-fucked pussy.

There it was around the base of his cum-smeared cock, the flimsy and shredded remnants of the condom Jade had put on him. Jade was staring intently in silent contemplation at the drop of cum that had just fallen onto her raw pussy lips when a river of Tyrone's cum came flowing out of her. Tyrone's copious cum oozed out and ran down between Jade's ass cheeks and onto the bed, pooling underneath her.

She rolled out from underneath Tyrone and stood up. Tyrone's seemingly never-ending load of cum slid out of Jade's pussy and down her still-quivering legs. With an sultry grin, Jade reached down and scooped some of Tyrone's cum from between her legs and licked it off her fingers while grabbing his cock with her other hand and saying, "Luscious. Now that I've had one load, I may as well have all you have left."

She pulled Tyrone to the edge of the bed and pushed him down so that he was sitting with his cock pointing straight up in the air. She watched herself in the mirror as she turned around with her back to Tyrone, spread her legs wide and reached between her legs to grab Tyrone's cock and guide it into her cum-slicked pussy.

As she slowly sank down on Tyrone's cock until his balls pressed against her clit, Jade said, "Lately I've been wandering why I didn't let you have sex with me when I was tutoring you. Knowing now what I've been missing, I'm going to make sure you want to be my secret lover for as long as we want after I return from the Bahamas."

For the next two hours Tyrone fucked two more loads of cum into his married white lover's pussy. Around 2 AM he finally squeezed the last load of cum out onto Jade's face and tits. Tyrone got dressed after their final phenomenal fuck and left.

Jade's long suppressed and until recently ignored interracial sexual curiosity was finally satisfied. As a high school English teacher Jade abhorred trite clichés. But after such a phenomenal introduction into black fucking, she unequivocally now knew, once a white woman goes black, there is no going back!

Jade returned from the Bahamas with corn rolled hair looking like Bo Derek in "10." Without any equivocation Jade remained after the end of the normal school day and easily seduced the janitor. Initially once a week, then twice a week and by the end of the decade thrice a week Nathan Brown was one of two contributors to keeping her desire for big black cock satisfied.

Jade's white husband took his three minutes of selfish gratification most Sunday mornings. For the next fifteen years she remained secretly devoted to her two black extramarital lovers. No one in the bigoted, mostly white small city ever had a clue that the breathtakingly attractive married white high school teacher is a secret Afrocentricmwf all the while sustaining her reputation as untouchable Jade.

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Around Midnight

Around Midnight
By: TxRad (

Around Midnight

By TxRad

The call was unexpected and the caller even more so. Penny is a young lady of my acquaintance and quite beautiful in a long legged full-bodied, wholesome kind of way. Quiet and shy for the most part. She would be the last person I'd ever expect to call me. I didn't even know she had my number. I do know that I had never given it to her but then I realized that I was listed in the phonebook.

"Mr. Mark, this is Penny. You know, from the dinner." Her deep husky, exotic voice dripped from the phone.

My mind overlaid it on my mental image of her and I suddenly realized just how erotic she and her voice were. I cleared my throat for a second and asked, "Yes Penny, what can I do for you?"

"It's more like, what we can do for each other. Can you meet me somewhere? I need to ask a favor of you."

My mind gave a jump at the first part of what she said. Visions of all the sexy things we could do together crowded my mind as a smile came to my lips. Me meeting her somewhere wasn't a problem on my part, but it might be on hers. This is after all, a small backwoods Texas town and my being white and her being black could cause problems even in this day and age. My mind gave another jump at the word favor. More visions floated to the surface.

"Ok, where would you like to meet?" I replied in as calm a voice as I could muster. My mind wanted to dwell on naughty things as only the mind of a dirty old man can.

"I have a room at the Parkside Inn, room 112. Can you meet me here in about an hour?"

"Sure but can you tell me a little of what this is about?"

"You'll find out when you get here. I promise you won't be disappointed."

Then she hung up.

I stood there with the phone to my ear for nearly a minute more, fantasies buzzing here and there. Finally, the buzzing of a dead line made me put it down. I remained where I was, my mind lost in a haze of what ifs.


I drove through the parking lot to the very back and parked. I sat and watched the lot for a while. What I was looking for I didn't know, and probably wouldn't recognize it if I did see it. I was nervous, very nervous. I had taken a quick shower before I left, even though I had only had one an hour before.

Why was I so nervous? Questions swam around in my head like so many fish. I didn't have many answers. Why had Penny really called me? I had no answer to that question but it did answer the original one of why I was so nervous. How much did I trust her and how well did I know her? Yeah, more questions. Could this be one of those set ups that you read about in the paper or see on TV? Not very likely, my mind supplied, as I'm neither rich nor famous.

Another answer that was highlighted by my mind was that I had never been alone with a black woman in my life, much less had anything sexual to do with one. That alone scared the hell out of me. Would I or could I measure up and to whom for that matter. Could I go through with it, if it happened?

I'm old and pretty set in my ways. Despite my upbringing in the old south, I don't consider myself to be bigoted. But am I? Color was just that to me; color. Black, brown, red, pink, yellow. Color, like beauty was only skin-deep. The person wearing it made all the difference and Penny was one of the nicest, kindest people I had ever met.

I took a deep breath and opened the car door. Now was the time to find out just what was up and how bad my mind was trying to scare me. I was probably making a mountain out of a molehill. She probably wanted me to lend her a little money or something just as innocent.


I knocked on the door of room 112. No one answered the door. I stood there confused for a second. Did I remember the number wrong?

I started to turn away, when the door opened a crack, and Penny's voice said, "I had to make sure it was you."

"Well, I was when I left home," I said to cover my nervousness.

"Come on in, I won't bite you. Well, not unless you want me to." She replied with a deep chuckle.

I felt funny as I slipped into the room through the partially opened door. It was as though I was doing something elicited, something naughty. I hadn't felt this way since before my wife and I had been married. The few times we had slipped away to a motel to fuck our brains out in wild abandon. It had been exciting then and it felt much the same now.

Penny closed the door and turned to me, a big smile on her face. "I wasn't sure if you'd come or not."

"I nearly didn't," I admitted as my eyes wandered over the wispy white negligee that accentuated more than hid her lush body. I could feel my manhood swell in the confines of my left pants leg. I had never seen her in anything but her waitress uniform and this all felt so unreal for some reason.

"I nearly didn't answer the door," was her confession in reply.

There was a long nervous silence and then we both tried to talk at the same time. I couldn't keep my eyes off the dark mystery under that thin white night gown and Penny seemed both nervous and excited by my stares.

"You go first." I told her.

"Okay." She took a deep breath. "I know that your wife died several years ago but you might not know that my husband died early last year." She blurted out.

"No, I didn't know that. I'm sorry to hear it," I said softly. "Losing a mate is a lot harder than most people realize. How long were the two of you married?"

"Almost twenty two years. I was sixteen and he was twenty- one, when we ran away together. It was hard at first, no money, lousy jobs, but as the years went by, it got better and better. We were to the point of having it made. Then about two years ago, he got sick. He spent more time in hospitals than he spent at home and in the end he died in one."

"I'm sorry, that must have been a very rough time for you. I was lucky in a way, my wife died in her sleep. We never knew anything was wrong with her before that. At least you had a chance to say good bye."

Her eyes were on the floor and she nodded slowly. "Yeah. I guess that was a good thing, but to watch him waste away, wasn't"

The tone of her voice sounded small and very hurt. I stepped forward, put my arms around her, and gave her a gentle hug. Her arms went around me as her head nestled on my shoulder. I could feel more than hear her gentle sobs.

I wasn't sure what to say, so I just held her and rocked her gently.


After a while, she calmed and took a deep breath. With a soft sigh, she snuggled closer to me. "It feels good to be held again," she whispered. "It's been such a long time."

I caressed her back slowly and replied, "I understand. I've been there and done that."

"Then maybe you'll understand why I asked you here tonight. I'm not ready for another man full time in my life right now but I need someone. Someone that can.. Well, understand my needs and the reasons for them without taking it the wrong way. Someone who's been there and done that, as you said, someone who won't pressure me."

I nodded my head. "I will take that as a compliment but why me, other than I'm a widower. There's a hundred other men around here that meet that requirement and some of them are much more your age. I won't say I'm too old but I will admit to being a little past my prime."

She moved her head back so she could see my face. "I've watched you as you've come in every morning for breakfast and I like what I saw. You are kind, gentle, and funny. You like to have fun but you are serious at the same time. You remind me a lot of my husband in many ways."

"Was he white?" I asked and then regretted it.

She chuckled deep in her chest and shook her head. "Nope, he sure wasn't. You're the first white man to ever lay a hand on me, other than a handshake. In fact, you're the first man not my husband to ever.." She let the sentence trail off as she laid her head back on my shoulder.

I caressed her back and then hugged her tightly. She hugged me back.


We held each other for a long time. I wasn't sure how to or what to do next, and I think she felt the same way. She felt warm and comfortable in my arms. I sighed deeply and ran my hand up and down her back, asking, "What now?"

She hugged me and chuckled again. "I'm not sure. I was going to seduce you but I got cold feet. I've never done this before, remember."

"It's been a very long time since I have, so I'm way out of practice. Not to mention the fact of being very nervous around you."

"Why do I make you nervous? I'm just a woman. You were married to one and have a couple of grown kids so I know you know your way around one."

"Yeah I do, but.."

She laughed suddenly and leaned back to look at me. "Oh, I see, it's the old black and white thing."

"No, not the way you might think," I said hastily. "I've just never been with a black lady before. I'm not sure.." I ran down, not sure of exactly what I wanted to say or how to say it.

"Not sure of what? Black or white, a woman is a woman. The size and shape may be different but the equipment is all the same, so I assume that making love to one would be the same as making love to the other," she shot back at me.

"I'm not sure I could handle it or measure up," I admitted.

She laughed again and then grinned. "There's only one way to find out. Don't let myths and fantasies mess you up. Do what you would normally do. We'll let culture sort itself out later. I'm old enough to know what I like and don't like and I won't be shy about tell you either."

Before I could loss my nerve, I slipped my hand up to the back of her head and pulled her to me for a kiss. One way or the other, I would soon find out the answers to all my questions.

Our lips met softly at first, almost tentatively. We explored the differences. My lips aren't exactly thin but probably thinner than her husbands had been. Hers were so soft and full. I kissed her, licking and nibbling on their fullness. After a moment, she made a soft moaning sound as a shiver ran through her body. I took that as a good sign and added my tongue to the mix.

I felt her hand on the back of my head and the other wandered haltingly over my back. I could feel her nervousness as I used both hands to explore her back and sides. The kiss grew more passionate. The thin gauzy material of the negligee slid smoothly over her warm dark skin. Her back was firm; I could feel the solidness of muscle moving under the skin as she squirmed slowly against me.

My leg slipped between hers and my hands wandered lower to caress her high round ass. I tried to squeeze it but was surprised at its firmness. My hands moved lower to cup each cheek. I pulled upward gently, pressing her tighter to my leg. She flexed her hips, rubbing herself against me, a deep moaning groan coming into the kiss. I could feel her heat on my thigh.

She turned slightly and rubbed her upper thigh against my stiff manhood that was trapped in the leg of my pants, painfully so in fact. I hadn't even realized that I was hard until that moment; I had been so wrapped up in exploring her lips and body.

The hand that had been exploring my back now came around to run lightly up and down over the outline of my shaft. When she gave me a gentle squeeze, it was my turn to moan softly.

The next few minutes were a comedy of errors as we both tried to undress me without breaking the kiss. She was fumbling with my belt buckle while I was trying to slip my boots off and unbutton my shirt at the same time. I had one boot off and half the buttons undone by the time she got the belt buckle figured out and attacked the button and zipper of my jeans.

I got the shirt unbuttoned and started to pull it off about the time my foot came out of the boot and she yanked down my jeans. I lost my balance and she grabbed me by the dick. We ended up in a pile on the bed.

We were both laughing as I finished getting my pants and socks off. When I lay back on the bed beside her, she whispered, "See, that wasn't so bad. Except for maybe, the train wreck of getting you undressed. At least we ended up someplace soft."

"It kind of broke the mood though," I whispered back.

She laughed and said, "Lust ain't a mood, it's a condition and that ain't changed one bit."

She rolled over on her side and propped her head up on her hand. Her other hand reached for my manhood. She ran her fingertips up and down my length for a moment and then whispered, "You're as hard as I am wet so we're doing something right."

We both watched her fingers caress me for a moment and then she whispered, "Well, you've got nothing to be worried about in this department. You're ever bit as big as my husband maybe a little more so."

She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and gave me a squeeze. "It's rock hard too."

Quickly she stood up and pealed the negligee off over her head. For the first time, I saw her nude. Her breasts were large and round but didn't look out of place with her wide shoulders and narrow waist. They stood out with very little sag. Her skin was a dark dusky brown, the circles under her nipples darker yet. Her nipples were a lighter color than her breasts and as big as the end of my little finger.

My eyes wandered down across her belly. It was flat but not muscular. The deep indent of her belly button was a point of mystery. My eyes moved on to the tangle of tight curls on her mound. They were as jet black as her hair. Her sex was hidden between her thighs.

She moved forward and placed one knee on each side of me as she got back on the bed. She hadn't been wrong about her wetness, I could see it glisten and shine on her inner thighs and along the bright pink of her slit and smoothly shaven outer lips. Her mound was high and made plump looking by the tangle of curls on it. Her lower lips were small and narrow and I couldn't see any inner lips at all, except up near her clit. Two folds fanned out below it, setting it up like a bright pink pearl. I licked my lips as she knee walked up along my thighs.

She paused above my hips and looked down, her hands going to my shaft. She grabbed it with both hands and caressed it for a second before she lifted it upright. She held it there for a second and then looked at me. "I'm not sure whether I want to tease myself and you for a while or just drive it home."

"Do what you'd normally do. That was your advice to me." I replied with a grin.

"What I'd normally do is being overruled by the length of time since.." She laughed softly. "Good old lust is working overtime and I'm in a hurry."

With that said, she lifted my shaft back up and rubbed the spongy head back and forth along the length of her slit, pausing each time at her clit and again at her wet opening. She would shiver as the head brushed over her clit and her hips would flex as it touched her opening. The slippery wetness of her sex against the sensitive head made me groan.

After a minute of doing this, she gave out with a hissing moan as her belly jerked in time with her hips flexing. She was trying to get the head lined up with her opening but wasn't having much luck. I think she was having small orgasms each time the head brushed against her opening. I do know that she was getting even wetter than she had been before.

The next time I felt her sex nibble at the head of my dick, I lifted my hips sharply and entered her. She gave a loud yell and sat down, driving me half way into her hot velvety depths. Her mouth was now open but no sound came out. Her eyes were tightly shut. Her hips and belly jerked in a rolling rhythm as she slowly sank down on me.

When her ass met my hips, she groaned loudly and leaned forward, placing her hands on my chest. She started to make little rocking, lunging movements, each accompanied by a short gasping breath. Her vagina would grip and then release me with each gasp. I laid still and let her do, as she wanted.

After a minute or so, she lifted one hand, made a fist, and slowly but firmly hit it on my chest several times. "Oh shit!" she said softly and then banged my chest a couple more time.

I grinned as I brought my hands up and caressed her thighs and hips. She was either having one hell of a long drawn out orgasm or a series of short hard ones. Either way, she was cumming her brains out. I could feel her warm juices running along my shaft and then dribbling down over my balls.

The inner walls of her sex were doing marvelous things around my shaft. It was a rippling effect that started at the head and ran down to the base of my shaft. If I had moved any at all, I would have probably exploded myself.


Over time, the rippling effect slowed and then stopped. Penny sat still as a statue except for her heavy breathing. When she had caught her breath, she lifted her head and looked at me. A shy grin slowly spread across her face. "Sorry about that."

She paused and took a shuddery breath. "I ain't felt nothing like that since my honeymoon, if you could call it that, twenty two years ago. I was a virgin then and didn't have any idea of what to expect. My husband was gentle and patience and had me so hot that by the time he entered me, I did about the same thing as I did just now."

Smiling she leaned down to kiss me softly on the lips. When she straightened up she said, "You have that same gentle, knowing, patience that he had. I think I made a good choice."

She rocked her hips slowly from side to side and whispered, "Damn, that feels so good in there. I had almost forgotten what it felt like."

I grinned and whispered, "It sure ain't bad from this side either. You fit like a warm velvet glove."

She sighed and rocked her hips again. "I've always been tight and very sensitive. I figured it was because I never had any kids. That's the one thing I regret the most."

"Why was that?" I asked softly.

She shrugged and replied, still rocking her hips. "It just never happened. We never used any kind of protection but I never got pregnant."

All of a sudden, she stopped moving and got a big-eyed look on her face. "Oh my God, we're not using any protection. I don't want to get pregnant now. I couldn't handle it."

"There's no chance of that." I told her. "When my youngest son was born my wife got fixed and a few days later so did I. It was our insurance policy, so to speak."

"You're sure?" She asked with a suspicious look on her face.

"I can go home and get you the paperwork and the doctor's report, if you really want me to," I said. "I wouldn't lie to you."

She grinned as she lifted her hips a couple of inches and then lowered them back. She made a soft sound and shook her head. "I'll take your word for it," she whispered. "I ain't given this ride up for nobody and no reason. It's been way to long and way to nerve racking to get to this point and time."

She worked her hips up and down slowly. I could feel her moving all along my shaft as she did. I groaned softly and whispered, "I'm sure glad of that but I have a feeling that it ain't going to be a very long ride. You feel so damned good."

She grinned, lifted her hips higher, and then dropped down sharply. "Then I better get all I can, while I can."

I groaned loudly and nodded my head.

True to her word, she rode me hard, with me trying to give as good as I got. We ended up finishing in a dead heat, lots of heat and me nearly dead. I tried to hold back for as long as I could but that wasn't very long.

As the first jet of hot semen ripped my shaft, she slammed herself down on me and ground her hips back and forth, rubbing her swollen clit on my pelvic bone. The second jet seemed to ignite her orgasm. Her inner muscles clamped down on me as a hot gush washed over my balls.

I had never felt anything like the squeezing, pulling, rolling, massage her vagina was giving my dick. I thought she was going to chew it up and spit it out. I'm not sure who was yelling the loudest, her, or me.

The next thing I knew, she had a hand on each side of my head and was kissing the hell out of me in a wild passionate kiss that went on and on until we finally had to come up for air.

I lay there gasping for breath and she lay on top of me doing the same. My eyes found hers and we both smiled. She held my head again and lowered her lips to mine in a soft gentle quick kiss.

When she raised her head, she whispered breathily, "Oh my Lord." And then she grinned.

I nodded my head, not trusting that I could talk and breathe at the same time.

"Are you alright?" She asked with concern in her voice.

I nodded again and grinned up at her.

"Don't you go and die on me. I'd never forgive myself," she said grinning down at me.

"I don't plan on it." I told her, my breathing becoming easier.

She leaned down and kissed me softly. I kissed her back.

She lifted her head slightly, breaking the kiss. "What do you have planned for the rest of the weekend?" She asked softly.

"Before, nothing, but now.." I let the sentence trail off as I pulled her head down for a long gentle kiss.

She broke the kiss with a long drawn out sigh and sat up. My dick was soft but still inside her. She wiggled gently from side to side and grinned. "I don't think my little pussy wants to give up its dinner."

I laughed and replied, "When it does, there going to be one hell of a mess, believe me. One even bigger than the one we already have."

She wiggled again and we both could hear the squishing noise from where we were joined. "I think you're right on both counts, so what do we do now."

"The only idea I can think of, is for you to jump up and run for a towel while I try and dam up the flow. I'll try and keep it between my legs instead of on the bed. Otherwise, we'll have the wet spot from hell," I said with a laugh.

"We could always move to the other bed," she said grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"I was hoping to save that one for tomorrow. You know, a new day, a new bed. I figure if we keep it up like we've been going, we'll need it. This one will either be broken or a swamp."

She laughed and nodded. "Or it won't matter as we'll both be dead."

"Oh, you'll live but I probably won't. I won't have one complaint in the world either. The smile on my face will drive the mortician crazy trying to get it back to normal. Every time he does this silly grin will return."

She laughed and shook her head. "You are one crazy old white man."

"And your point is?" I asked with a big grin.

"No point, just an observation," she said as she laid back down on me for another kiss.


As she moved, the cork came out of the bottle and the mad scramble was on. I jammed my thighs together and she ran for the bathroom. She returned with two small towels, one went under my raised thighs and the other on top.

We mopped at the mess, laughing at ourselves, as we did. Finally, I said, "Okay, enough of this. I think it's time we took it to the shower."

I wiggled to the edge of the bed and held out my hands. "Give me a hand. Maybe I can get up without making it worse."

She grabbed my hands and pulled me to my feet. We looked down at the bed. There was a small wet spot near the edge. I picked the towel up. There was another spot about the size of a silver dollar. "Not bad," I said off hand.

"Not bad at all," she said with a smile.

I turned toward the bathroom and took a step. I stuffed the towel I had in my hand between my legs. Penny looked at me funny. "Flee for your life. The dam has broken. Women and small children first," I said with a laugh as I headed for the bathroom and the shower.

I got in the shower and took the towel with me. I dropped it and turned on the water. As I was adjusting the temperature, Penny stepped in behind me. "You're not the only one that needs a lifeboat. I'm sticky in places I didn't know could stick."

I pulled the little knob up for the showerhead and got hit in the face with the spray. I tried to back up but Penny was right behind me so I turned around. She reached over my shoulder and angled the spray down onto my back.

"Now you won't drown from that," she said as she slipped her arms around me. "I won't guarantee anything for later though."

I kissed her and ran my hands over her ass and back. She was warm and slippery in my arms. Her breasts were mashed to my chest and I could feel her rock hard nipples move as she breathed.

When my fingers dipped between her ass cheeks, she wiggled and broke the kiss. "I'd be careful doing that. You might get a finger or two broke."

"You don't like that?" I asked softly.

She grinned and replied, "I didn't say that, I just said be careful. I do like it but it tends to drive me crazy and makes me go wild."

"If you get any wilder than a few minutes ago, I'm in a world of trouble."

"Baby, you ain't seen nothing yet. That was just a warm up."

"Oh shit, I need to check on my medical insurance when we get out of here." I replied jokingly.

"Who said I was letting you out of here?" She asked in return.

Before I could reply, she kissed me and ran her hands over my back and ass. When one of her fingers tickled my asshole, my hips moved forward, pressing my limp manhood against her mound. She moved her hips tighter to me and rubbed the tight curls on her mound against me. It felt odd at first and then very sensuous. Her finger continued to tease me.

My hands had been on her back but now I dropped one to run my fingers up and down the deep cleft of her ass. She clenched her ass cheeks and stopped my fingers from moving. I tried the same thing but it didn't work as well.

"You need to work on that," she whispered as she broke our kiss. "I can damn near crack walnuts with mine."

I laughed and replied, "Somehow I almost believe that."

She grinned and whispered, "Be very careful what you wish for, you just might find out."

"Promises, promises," I whispered back.

Her grin widened and then she kissed me, long hard and deeply. Her finger also slipped into my ass an inch or so. I heard myself groan softly as her hips started to move from side to side again. My manhood wasn't nearly as soft as it had been before.

Between her finger, her soft fuzzy mound, and the passionate kiss, it wasn't long before my dick was standing up tall and proud. I tried to tease her asshole like she was doing to me but I was having no luck. Every time I would touch it, she would tighten up her ass muscles and my fingers would be pushed away.

She slowly broke our kiss and smiled at me. "Time to get cleaned up," she said softly. She slipped her finger out of my ass and asked, "Where's the soap?"

"Uh, out there somewhere." I replied indicating the area outside the shower curtain. I pulled the curtain back and picked up the small bar of soap lying on top of the toilet bowl.

As I turned back, something hot enveloped my dick to the very base. I dropped the soap as I looked down and saw Penny with her nose against my pelvic bone and my dick completely in her mouth. She made a soft moaning noise as she sucked in her cheeks and lifted her head. Her tongue was fluttering along the bottom of my shaft as it came out of her mouth. She paused with just the head between her lips and then slowly swallowed me again. Now it was my turn to moan.

She continued to suck on my dick in long lazy movements from the tip to the base and back again until my hips gave a little quivering shiver. She removed me completely from her mouth and then gave the head a last kiss. Looking up at me, she smiled and licked her lips.

"We taste good together."

She picked up the soap and stood up. She took her time unwrapping it, watching me through her lashes as she did. When she had it unwrapped, she handed it to me. "Do me and don't miss an inch of my body," she whispered as she turned around and put her hands on the far wall, leaning forward and spreading her feet as wide as the tub would allow.

My hands shook as I lathered them up. I stepped up close behind her and reached up to the tops of her shoulders. I lathered her dark skin from her shoulders to her tailbone, taking my time and savoring the silky smoothness of her skin.

I lathered up my hands again and stepped closer, pressing my hard-on into the deep cleft of her ass as I reached around and lathered up her breasts. I cupped one in each hand and lifted, feeling their weight and firmness. I gave them a gentle squeeze, which got me a gentle squeeze from her ass cheeks.

I lowered my hands and used my forefingers and thumbs to roll her large nipples back and forth. This got an even tighter squeeze to my dick. I gave her nipples a gentle pull as I rolled them around. The pressure on my dick went up and she moaned softly, her ass moving up and down slowly. My dick moved with her ass, so I did to. When I released her nipples, her ass relaxed but still moved slowly up and down, my dick now sliding easily between her ass cheeks.

My hands soaped up her belly and ended up rubbing along the insides of her thighs. She would moan softly each time my hand bumped into her sex. I moved my hands to the front of her thighs and ran them up and down, gently brushing her outer lips at the top of each stroke. She shivered and pressed her ass back tighter against me, still slowly moving it up and down.

I cupped her sex and mound in one hand and rubbed them in rhythm with the movement of her ass. She moaned loudly. I soaped up her curls and then down between her legs as far as I could reach. As I moved my hand back up, my middle finger dipped into her silky slit. I rubbed up and down. I could feel her hips tremble as the base of my finger rubbed lightly over her exposed clit. Her ass cheeks clamped down on my dick again, very tightly this time. I had to move with her or lose something I valued greatly.

Her hand came off the wall and down to grab my wrist. I stopped moving the hand and slowly her ass cheeks relaxed. "I was about to come," Penny whispered breathily. "I want to wait, if that's alright with you."

"Fine with me," I whispered back.

She moved her hand back to the wall and I stepped back from her. I lathered up the cheeks of her ass and marveled at the smooth texture of her skin. I ran my fingers down between her cheeks and she came up on her toes, sticking her ass out even farther. Damn what a gorgeous sight. I've always been an ass man and this was one for the record book, in my opinion.

I used one hand to rub between those luscious globes and the other to slide between her legs and cup her sex from the rear. Staying away from her sensitive clit, I explored her opening. When I slipped a soapy finger into it, she gasped and came up higher on her toes. When I pressed a finger on my other hand to the puckered open of her ass, she pressed back and moaned softly.

I moved the finger in her pussy slowly in and out, as I held a steady pressure against her ass hole. Slowly the slippery finger entered her ass. She let out a soft moaning groan the whole time. When my finger was in to the second knuckle, I eased it back a little and then moved it back forward. She gave out with a loud gasp and I felt her inner muscles clamp down on both fingers.

Her hips began to shiver, so I removed both fingers. I went on by soaping up the backs of her thighs and then down to her calves. Slowly she came down off her toes and then she sighed deeply. I was kneeling behind her now and the view was outstanding. The dark shiny skin of her thighs was parted enough for me to see the bright pink of her slit and the lighter brown starfish of her anus. Her ass was stuck out proudly.

I stood up quickly, angled the showerhead so that it rinsed the soap off her ass and then I squatted back down. I kissed and licked one slick cheek and then the other. When I moved to the center and took a slow lick up it, she came back up on her toes and moaned loudly. I used my hands to press her cheeks wider apart as I took another lick. She moaned loudly again and pushed her ass back tighter to my face.

I could taste a little soap left from my hasty rinsing but I didn't care. The tip of my tongue brushed over the tight pucker of her asshole and I liked to have gotten my nose broken as she jammed her rock hard ass back sharply. I grabbed her hips and jammed my tongue against the opening. She bent farther forward and gave out with a yell. My tongue slowly enter her. Her ass and hips were shaking now.

I felt her hand slapping lightly at my head. With a grin, I let her hips go and stood up. I used my hand to run the head of my dick up and down between those satiny globes for a second and then I touched the head to her anus. She gasped loudly and tried to move away. I let her.

She straightened up and turned around to lean back against the wall of the shower, her breathing slightly ragged and fast. Her face had a strange look on it. "I thought you were going to try and fuck me there," she whispered.

"The thought crossed my mind." I told her.

She looked at me for a few seconds and then dropped her eyes. "I've never.. My husband never.. You know what I mean," she said softly.

Her eyes darted to my face with a searching look. "I've had fantasies about it," she whispered.

I nodded and held my hands out to her. "We'll file that away under things to explore." I told her with a smile. "Along with a bag of walnuts come Christmas time."

She laughed and came into my arms for a kiss.


Later as we were rinsing the soap off her, and me, she said, "If you promise to be gentle, I might just let you try to fuck me there."

"Woman, do I look that crazy to you? I don't want my walnuts crack or my dick crushed." I told her bluntly.

Her eyes got big and she got this incredulous look on her face for a second. Then I grinned and winked as I said, "I'll be as gentle as you want me to be. I've had a little practice at it. My wife loved it every so often. Not a regular thing, something special, you might say."

She hit me lightly on the chest. "Damn you, you like to have scared me to death. Here I was offering you my only cherry and you were turning it down."

"Hey you're the one that bragged you could crack walnuts with that thing." I told her with a big grin.

"Okay, maybe it was pecans and not walnuts and I promise not to crack anything of yours. How's that?"

I laughed and gathered her into my arms for a kiss.


We were out of the shower and I was taking my time drying her off. I started at her shoulders and worked my way down the front, pausing to kiss and lick the interesting hollows and high spots. I sucked on one hard nipple and then the other, feeling them grow even larger as I did. She murmured softly in pleasure as I did.

I licked along the bottom of her ribs and then flicked my tongue in her belly button. She squirmed and pushed my head away. I grinned up at her as I moved the towel down to her sex. She spread her feet farther apart and shivered as the towel ran over her clit and outer lips.

I moved the towel down and started to dry her thighs. As I did, I leaned in and ran my tongue up on side of her slit and down the other. Her hands were back at my head but not pushing me away. I pressed my tongue to her large exposed clit and held it there. Her hips did a little fluttery quiver as she groaned loudly. I lifted my head and dried her other leg.

Standing up I said, "Turn around so I can do the other side."

She smiled as she did. "You are doing a fine job of it. The only problem is you're supposed to be drying me but part of me keeps getting wetter and wetter."

"Don't worry, I have a special way of drying that, but I'll wait until you're lying down before I do." I told her as I kissed my way across her shoulder and up the back of her neck.

She shivered and whispered, "I'm more likely to drown you, if you're going to do what I think you are."

"I'll take my chances," I whispered back as I kissed her other shoulder.

Before she could say anything else, I ran the towel down her back to the top of her ass. I followed it with little flicking licks down her backbone. I planted a kiss on her tailbone and then squatted to kiss my way down one ass cheek and back up the other.

Penny took little half steps to the side and bent at the waist to place both hands on the floor. I must say I didn't expect her to be so limber. In this position, her low-slung sex was staring me right in the face. There was no doubt about her wetness either.

I licked up and down the tight muscles at the back of her thighs and then took a lick from her clit to her asshole, in one long slow swipe. She made a gasping sound and wiggled her ass from side to side.

"Damn!" she whispered. "You sure like to use that tongue of yours don't you?"

I gave her another lick, pausing to explore the depths of her sex. Her taste was musky, almost spicy. I dipped my tongue in as far as it would go and wiggled it around. She made another gasping sound and pressed back against my face.

"Oh fuck yes!" she said loudly as I continued to tongue her. Her hips quivered and started to shake.

I moved my head back, dropped down, and sucked in the hard nub of her clit. It was hot and slick as I ran my tongue around and around it. Her knees flexed and then she pressed back hard against me. I flicked her clit with short sharp little flicks. She gave a soft yell and hunched back against my mouth. My nose was bushing her opening.

"Oh God!" she yelled as she came all over my face. She was right; she damn near did drown me.

I moved my mouth up and stabbed my tongue back in her sex. This just seemed to heighten her orgasm. She shook and humped my face through a long drawn out series of orgasms. I had to stop tonguing her pussy a couple of time so I could swallow. She was like a water fountain gone wild.

Slowly her knees buckled and she went down onto them. I followed her down as far as I could and then I caught her hips as she sprawled out flat on the floor. I sat back on my heels and smiled down at her. I could feel her juices running down my cheeks and chin. I would definitely have to wash my face.


After a time, she made a soft whimpering sound and then rolled over onto her side. I had rinsed the small towels out from earlier and used one to wash my face. The other was in the sink, soaking in warm water. I stood up from the commode seat and went to wring it out.

Penny rolled over onto her back and looked up at me. Her face had a blank look for a moment and then she focused on my face. She smiled and then sighed. "You're going to kill me yet," she whispered hoarsely.

I grinned and moved down between her knees. I laid the warm cloth over her sex and gently pressed it there. She gave a small gasp and her hips jerked sharply. "I'll let you do the rest. You know where you're the most sensitive. Where you can wipe and where you can't."

She moved her feet in and her knees up. She spread them wide and reached for the warm towel. She sighed and closed her eyes as she cleaned herself up. Every so often, her hips would give a little jerk. After a moment, she opened her eyes, licked her lips, and handed me the towel. "Rinse please."

I rinsed it and handed it back to her. She ran it over her inner thighs and then down the crack of her ass. "Damn!" she whispered, "Just how many times did I come or did I have some help?"

"Nope, you did that all by yourself, well, except for the tongue part." I told her with a big grin.

"Yeah, the tongue part," she said softly with a slow shake of her head. "That was the special treat in our marriage. Hubby did it to me on special occasions. It wasn't something he was particularly fond of but he did it for me. I did it for him and he returned the favor."

"I guess it's one of those cultural things," I said in a similar tone as she had used. "I enjoy the hell out of doing it."

She groaned softly and replied, "I was afraid you were going to say that. I enjoyed the hell out of it myself and it could be the death of me, if you keep doing it."

"I've never heard of anyone dying from being eaten but then again, it probably wouldn't be listed as the actual cause of death." I told her with a grin. "Something to do with the censors on the five o'clock news."

She laughed and then groaned softly as her hips jerked and the muscles of her stomach rippled.

"Are you alright?" I asked quickly.

"Oh, I'm just fine but laughing moves things that shouldn't be moved right now. Damn, I'm so sensitive I can't believe it, but then again, I can't believe how much different it was from you doing that and my husband. He'd give me a few licks here and there and then, as I got close to coming he would move away and jam his dick in. I'd come and come hard but never like I just did with your tongue in me," she said in a rush.

"You told me to do it my way and I was just following instructions." I told her with a grin.

She opened one eye and peeked at me. "Yeah but you're not supposed to enjoy it as much as I do."

"Hey, I always make sure the lady comes first. Well, most of the time I try to anyway. Sometimes it just doesn't work out that way."

"It sure as hell worked out this time," she said as she handed me the towel. "I should feel like I've been run over by a truck but I don't. I've got those lazy, well satisfied; damn that was good, feels. I just want to lay here and let the glow flow."

"You sleep there and your back is going to hate you in the morning. Not to mention a few dozen of the muscles you've abused in the last couple of hours. Anyway, cuddling is going to be a bitch with that door in the way."

She chuckled and shook her head. "Okay, I get the idea. I should make you carry my big ass to the bed but I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself." She rolled over on her side and added, "I'm going to roll over on my stomach so I can get up. You stay in front of me, where I can keep an eye on you. I ain't letting you behind me for a while; you're way too dangerous when you're back there."

"Oh come on, let me help you up," I said teasingly.

"Nope, no way. I'd probably end up doing a headstand in the closet. I got down here on my own, and I can damn well get myself back up."

She got as far as her knees. Her eyes were level with my semi hard manhood. She eyed me for a second and licked her lips. "I know a way to even the score," she whispered. "I'll lay a lip lock on that so good that the white will come off."

I backed up and shook my head. "Oh no you don't, you're getting up there on the bed and relaxing for a while. We both need it. Anyway, it's around midnight and I for one have had a long day."

"Yeah and you're going to have a longer tomorrow." Penny replied with a big grin. "A brand new day and a brand new bed. What could be wrong with that?"

The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop
By: Sunset New (

"Well that's it" I said to myself as I posted the last payment on life's millstone "the mortgage"!

To be fare I'd grafted like a navvy for the last 5 years, always with this goal in the forefront of my mind, since my divorce I'd realised that life's riches lay in freedom, freedom to do and go exactly where I wanted when I wanted, I still needed some sort of income just not the 9 to 5 grind I'd been doing since leaving school.

Life's material riches no longer held the same appeal now that I was on my own, so a part time job without the brain zapping elements of the rat race would suit me fine.

So where do mid forties executives find simple jobs that students and school leavers would normally do? Fast food outlets maybe? Nah not quite ready for flipping burgers! Coffee shop? Hmmm maybe, I was after all responsible for consuming vast quantities of the stuff whilst burning the midnight oil in the office!

I hawked myself around the coffee chain outlets without success, the young managers and manageress looked at me like I was gone south! A little dejected I slopped off for some refreshment, couldn't bring myself to go into the coffee places I'd been pimping myself in all afternoon so I headed into the back streets.

After ten minutes walking I stumbled upon "jack's Place", it was real clean and cosy and not to busy, the customers were chatting and some reading books, I stood in the doorway a little afraid to break the places atmosphere by entering.

"Hey you coming in"? Called the girl at the counter with a beaming smile.

I smiled back apologetically and closed the door behind me, I ordered coffee and sat at the first empty table close to the counter, as my coffee cooled I observed the surroundings. The walls were lined in book cases and not just for show, a few customers were browsing the books before returning to the table to read. I really liked this place I thought as I relaxed back in my chair.

The girl at the counter who I reckoned to be around twenty was relaxing on a high stool awaiting the next order, we exchanged glances which I took as a cue to enter into conversation.

"Great place" I smiled

"Thanks" she said

There was warmth to her face that I instantly liked

"You're place?"

"Not yet maybe one day!"

I guessed she meant it was her families business! I didn't answer but she continued anyway.

"Its my Dad's place used to be a book shop before if you hadn't guessed" she gestured at the wall with her hand

I smiled and began to answer when another customer called across to her.

"Hey Meg you got a replacement yet for when you leave"

"Nope not yet she" she sighed

"You'll find someone how long you got left?"

"A month that's all!"

Were they talking about a job? Here in the shop? I felt a little shudder of excitement, I let the thought hang in my mind for a few minutes while I plucked up courage to ask.

I didn't seem right asking outright and if I'm honest I felt a little embarrassed! I finished my coffee said good bye to Meg and left, I made note of the closing time on the way out. I paced the streets until just before closing time then returned to Jack's Place.

When I entered there were only 2 customers left and Meg was nowhere to be seen so I just stood at the counter and waited, she must have realised someone was there as she called out that they were closing in a minute.

"Err...I've come about the job" I called back

Her head appeared for a second, and then she walked out from behind the partition giving me a quizzical look. She headed to the door to see out the last customer then dropped the latch and turned the closed sign over.

With the same look on her face she came and sat at the table next to me, she gestured for me to take the seat opposite, I did then she started.

"How did you know there was a job?"

"Oh! Sorry I was in here this afternoon and I over heard you talking" I apologised

"Right right" she nodded as she looked me up and down

I could tell she was thinking why I would be interested in working in a coffee shop!

"You're wondering why I might want to work here I guess" I prompted her

"Well yes I was wondering! You see it's usually students like me but well we've had nothing but problems with them this year and Dad says I must find someone reliable before I return to college"

"Well what about if I tell you about myself and why I'm interested in the job then you can make up you're mind!"

She smiled her approval so I talked about my new outlook on life and financial freedom and the need to change everything starting with my job after I'd waffled on for 20 minutes we were chatting like old friends and consequently was offered the job on the spot!

Next morning I left for work with a skip in my step and a little earlier than I needed! The shop was still closed when I arrived so I people watched while I waited for Meg. After 10 minutes she appeared from nowhere with a screech of bike brakes, I jumped a little and she laughed with a cheeky grin. She passed me the keys to let myself in while she took her bike around the back. I watched as she rode around the corner and mentally complemented her on a very sweet little bottom!

Once inside I made myself busy wiping tables and generally tidying while I waited for Meg, she appeared from the back in her cycling gear with a slight sheen of sweat across her face and chest, then excused her self while she "freshened up"! After 10 minutes she re-appeared in what she called her "coffee uniform" this I was to learn consisted of a shortish denim skirt, black t-shirt and a checker board apron around her waist. She tossed me a matching apron and fresh packed black t-shirt, "hope it fits I guessed medium, you can change in the back" she gestured behind the counter.

Once in the back room I stripped off my shirt and pulled on the new one, it had a nice folded crease down the middle but apart from that fit nicely. I strapped the apron around my waist and hung my shirt on the peg next to Megs cycling gear. I heard her call me so I made my way into the shop for my "coffee machine training master class"! It was simple enough once you got the hang of it and my first day went by quickly, the plan was to work with Meg until she left for college to get the swing of the operation then I would be on part time hours with Meg's sister Jane.

The first week breezed by and I had real fun for the first time in years, ok I was making minimum wage but that was no longer a concern to me, it was so liberating! Plus I loved working with Meg, she might have been half my age but we had a blast.

Second week things changed a little!

Megs sister came by to see who she would be swapping shifts with, from the first 5 minutes of our meeting I could see how different the sisters were! One word described Jane! "Trouble".

Turned out that Meg was 24 her sister was a little younger at 21.

She may have been younger but she was brimming with self confidence and cheeky remarks! But I couldn't deny she was pretty and being Meg's sister also had a great personality all be it a very different one.

After the initial jolt I quickly warmed to her and the three of us swapped smart remarks and banter for the rest of the afternoon. After the last customer left I locked up and we cleared the tables, Meg said that she and Jane would finish up and I could shoot off early. They disappeared into the back as I closed the shop door behind me, I had only got 5 minutes down the road when I realised I'd left my coat. When I returned the shop was in darkness but I could see light coming from the back room, I knocked gently but no one came so I made my way to the back entrance.

When I was about 10 feet from the back door I could hear laughing, I paused before knocking then I heard my name mentioned followed by more laughter, I moved closer and began to pick up the conversation.

Jane was ribbing Meg "how come you didn't tell me Paul was so hot? You know I like the older guys!"

Meg laughed "didn't think you were interested now you're dating Phil"

"Ooh you liar you only want him for yourself you dirty slut"

They both roared laughing, and I stifled a smirk. Jane continued.

"I know how much you love the older guys with their thick veiny cocks and strong arms" she goaded

My mouth fell open as I listened trying hard to control my breathing as my heart pounded and my cock stiffened.

"Remember Mr Miles the games teacher at school how you wanked him off in the changing rooms, you told me about that so many times, kept going on about his cock shaft"

They laughed a little before Meg admitted that she found me attractive but didn't think anything would happen between us! I almost came in my pants!

Then I heard Jane say the words that would be ringing in my ears all night "if you want him make it happen sister"!!!!

I slipped away quietly and ran the conversation through my head all the way home, the thoughts were accompanied by a raging erection. Once home i satisfied myself with a fast and furious wank followed by an explosive ejaculation across my belly! Meg and Jane cavorted through my dreams all night!

Next morning I woke with an erection like a flag pole that would not go down. What would the day bring? i thought? How can I look at Meg and talk to her in the same way! All these thoughts ran through my head on the way to work and of course accompanied by my new best friend Mr Boner!!

The morning passed with us both exchanging furtive glances and strained conversations, Meg was obviously wrestling with the thoughts her sister had put into her head and of course I was wresting with the fact that I knew what those thoughts were! Several times I had to hide my erection, Meg must have thought my behaviour was strange as once she asked if I was "OK"? I mumbled something about a sleepless night.

After lunch Jane came into the shop her usual bouncy self and she gave me a really sexy wink, I had to pretend I didn't know what she was thinking while my cock strained at my jeans. They popped off for lunch and left me in charge while things were quiet, I decided I needed to relieve some pressure so I popped into the back to visit the toilet as I passed the coats I noticed Megs cycling clothes hanging on the peg, I couldn't resist leaning my head against her stretchy lycra top and inhaling, the top smelt sweaty and sweet from Megs perfume it had the effect of weakening my knees slightly! I decided on impulse to take the top to the toilet with me for extra sensory experience but as I lifted it from the hook Megs tight Lycra shorts fell to the floor at my feet!

I couldn't get in the toilet quick enough once I'd swapped the shorts for the top! I pulled off my t-shirt and hung it on the back of the toilet door then dropped my jeans around my ankles and leant back on the toilet seat, my cock lay rigid across my belly and already had a bead of cum on the tip, I raised the cycling shorts to my nose and sniffed at the crotch, the aroma was an amazing mixture of sweat and pussy juices! I grabbed my cock and began slowly wanking while I snorted at the shorts, I'd just closed my eyes when I heard my name called!

Oh shit it was Meg! She called again! Shit!! My heart was pounding! With a dry croaking rasp I managed to call out that I was in the toilet! "Oh ok see you in a minute" she replied

Quickly I tugged on my clothes and composed myself before returning to the shop. Could have been very embarrassing but somehow I managed to put things to the back of my mind for the rest of the day and it passed without incident. At closing time we cleared up and prepared to go home, I finished locking up while Meg changed into her cycling gear. Then I heard Meg call my name!

"What's up?" I replied

"Have you seen my cycling shorts?"

My stomach hit my throat as I realised I'd left them on top of the toilet in all the panic!

"Err don't think so" I gulped

"That's weird" I heard her mumble

I could hear her moving things in the back room as I stood rooted to the spot, heart pounding!

"Paul come here a minute would you" she called

I slowly walked to the room and entered, Meg was standing in only her tiny tight fitting top which exposed her entire mid riff and her white panties, she was holding open the toilet door with one hand.

"What are my shorts doing in the toilet" she gently asked

I didn't know what to say and guilt was written all over my face!

"If you wanted to sniff my pussy you only needed to ask" Her face suddenly broke into a wicked grin!

Relief rushed from me but I was still lost for words, she took my hand and pulled me closer, we shared a gentle kiss that slowly increased in passion, my arms were around her waste and my cock pushed hard against her bare belly from its denim restraint.

She quickly unbuttoned my jeans and tugged them down with my underwear; my cock was now hot and bare against her skin as she grabbed my bottom and pulled us together, I picked up the lead and caresses her bottom in turn, our tongues swirled together. She then dropped down in front of me until her face brushed my solid cock and with both hands began massaging my shaft and balls whilst rubbing my cock across her cheeks, it got agonisingly closer to her month and I willed her to take me inside her!

I could see a silvery streak of my juices across her cheek leading to that beautiful mouth as I looked down on her, then with a sudden dip of her head I was inside her! She gently wanked my shaft as the head of my cock slid back and fourth between her lips then she dipped again taking me deeper, my cock popped from her mouth and I saw a string of juice bridge the gap between us as she traced her tongue up and down the veiny shaft, I knew I was near coming as I'd been in a state all day!

She lifted slightly and bobbed over my cock again taking me deeper again, I felt my balls tighten as she quickened the wanking and sucking into a fast rhythm, our breaths were laboured in time to the motion. Then with a huge overwhelming surge I started to cum into that pretty mouth with 3 or 4 huge body jarring surges I pumped my seed. She gulped it down and withdrew my cock to her lips as it oozed the last of my juice onto her chin! She looked up at me and smiled sexily as her tongue played with my helmet, I managed a smile through heavy breaths.

As she stood she pulled my t-shirt over my head then moved into kiss me and we shared my taste on our tongues, her hands brushed my naked bottom, my cock hung heavy between us as I lifted her up in my arms.

Meg's legs wrapped around my waste as we kissed, I felt the table against my bottom so I swung her around and laid her down on the cloth, she lay fully out and reached back grabbing the tables edge her legs rose around me, I traced my hands across her belly and touched the soaking material of her panties, she shuddered and closed her eyes in anticipation.

Dropping to my knees I moved my head closer to her and could smell her juices absorbed into the cotton making them semi transparent, my tongue brushed them, they were soaked through! I hooked a finger around the gusset and pulled them to one side, her pussy was wet and parted slightly ready to take my tongue; I started at her bottom and licked at the running juices escaping between her crack and across her hole, a gently groan of approval and encouragement slipped form her as I probed her bottom then lightly traced the flow to her soaking pussy and finally her clit!

As I flicked her soaking bud a jolt burst through her then again as I sucked and Teased it, her moaning was becoming louder as she shifted about on the sloppy table cloth.

I pushed my finger into her and rubbed the juices into her bum hole as I quickened my tongue across her clit, it was too much for Meg this time as her legs squeezed me and she squirted a hot orgasm across my tongue and chin, as she panted in recovery I peeled her soaked knickers down her legs and dropped them to the floor then returned to her clit repeating the same process to several more orgasms.

She peeled off her top and revealed her small firm breasts, her hands rubbed the puffy nipples vigorously as I roamed her body with my hands. My cock was now fully erect and brushed against her as she pulled herself towards me so I could suck her amazing breasts. Meg adjusted her position so my cock now lay hard between her legs as she raised them up, slipping back and fourth in her juices and rubbing her clit!

"Fuck me" she panted in my ear

It took very little adjustment to my position and I felt my cock slip between her lips, one push and I was fully inside her, Meg let out a big groan followed by gasping, she gripped me tightly and I felt her come again. The juices were audible as I pumped my solid cock into her to orgasm after orgasm, her legs and arms were wrapped around me now as I lifted her from the table and steadied my self on the table edge. Meg was in full flow lifting her self up and down on my cock as I held her waist tightly.

"Fuck..Fuck...Fuck" she groaned into my ear.

Meg came one last time before I followed suit immediately afterwards, my cock pulsing dry orgasms into her, my legs weakened and we flopped down onto a chair, Meg still impaled on my softening cock.

A giggle slowly built between us that turned into full blow hysterics at the sexual frenzy that had taken place.

I grinned "fuck me" !!!

"Just have big boy" she giggled

We hugged and kissed with real affection, then slowly got dressed.

We locked up and I helped Meg wheel her bike to the back gate, she squeezed my hand and smiled

"That was not a one off you know! Meet you around the back tomorrow same time!" she joked

I grinned like a horny teenager "Yeah I heard you liked the older man!"

"How the fuck..." she began to ask

I stopped her and explained about hearing her conversation with Jane.

"Hmmm you'll have to watch yourself with Jane when I go back to Uni; she's a right horny little madam" she mock warned me

"I'm a big boy sure I can cope" I replied

"Yeah I'll be warning her about your big veiny cock" don't you worry about that Mr! She wagged her finger at me! And I snapped my teeth at it in jest.

Then she mounted her bike and peddled off in the other direction waving her arm in the air. I watched her sweet bottom till it disappeared around the corner then skipped off the other way with a mind full of what I would do to it tomorrow.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover
By: Sportsdvl (

As Always, Feedback is appreciated and I enjoy hearing what you have to say. Hope you enjoy the story.

I met Cathy via an online dating service. She expressed her interest in my ad and so I wrote her back. Her ad didn't have a picture on it but I liked what she had written in her profile.

After we started emailing she sent me her picture. She was good looking and seemed to have a really sweet personality so we set up a meeting at a local restaurant. The night of our date arrived and I waiting in the parking lot for her to show up. When I saw her walking through the parking lot I recognized her face right away but was fairly surprised at how conservative she was dressed. I met her at the door and we went inside.

Dinner went well. We talked and learned some more about each other. She really came across as very shy and reserved, which worried me a bit since I'm definitely not that conservative type. After dinner I asked her if she'd like to come back to my house to continue our conversation. She agreed and said she'd follow me. At this point, I certainly wasn't thinking anything was going to happen as I had a feeling she wasn't a girl who jumped into things with both feet.

We arrived at my house and went inside. I poured us a couple of drinks and we sat down on the couch. She looked through my DVD collection and picked out one she was interested in watching so we put it in and settled down to enjoy it.

I hate the awkward moments in dating where you aren't sure exactly what you should do. For example, we were sitting there watching the movie and there was whole cushion between us. Do I move over? Should I? You never know what the other person is thinking. Needless to say I didn't move next to her and we watched the movie with a nice two-foot gap between us.

I did fill her drink twice during the movie and I thought maybe she was drinking so she'd get up the courage to give me a kiss goodnight when it was time for her to leave. Boy would I be surprised...

The movie ended and we sat and talked about it for a few minutes. Laughing as we talked about some of the funny moments. She excused herself to go to the restroom and when she came back she stopped right in front of where I was sitting. She giggled a little bit and told me she really wanted to thank me for dinner and the funny movie. With that, she leaned down and gave me a quick little kiss.

As our lips met for the first time I felt her hesitate for a second so I allowed my kiss to get a little more passionate. As my mouth opened hers followed and our tongues met. As soon as our kiss became intimate it was like she flipped a switch. Her hands immediately went around me as she kneeled down in front of me never breaking away from my lips. My hands went around her and I moved one up to the back of her head and my fingers combed through her hair as we continued to kiss.

This demure and innocent looking woman then shocked me. I felt her hand move to my lap and she gave my cock a little squeeze. I almost fell off the couch! Her entire demeanor had changed and she began to show the wild side that one would never guess she had. Her breathing got heavier as she began to massage me through my jeans. As my cock stiffened she pulled her lips from mine. "Mmmm, very nice." She whispered.

She stopped stroking me and used both of her hands to lift my shirt up over my head. As her hands began to play with my chest I reached out and let my hands slide up her sides until I reached her breasts and I cupped each one of them. Her hard nipples were clearly visible through her shirt.

Her hands went to my jeans again and she unbuttoned them. I lifted up from the couch as she pulled them off of me leaving me in just my boxers with a very obvious hard cock lying underneath.

She leaned back in and kissed me passionately again as her hands began to tease me though my boxers. I slipped my hands underneath her shirt and I began to massage her breasts and roll her nipples between my thumb and forefinger through her bra.

I lifted her shirt over her head, exposing her fabulous chest. My hands quickly removed her bra. Her nipples were rock hard as my fingers found them and I pulled on them slightly causing her to moan out loud.

Both of her hands gripped my boxers and slid them off. My cock stood straight up. The head glistened with a drop of precum right on the tip. She kissed me on the lips again then moved between my legs and in one swift movement her hand grasped my dick and her mouth slipped over the head and she took almost my entire length into her mouth and throat at once. I gasped as I felt my hardness slide deep into her mouth.

Her hand cupped my balls as her mouth began to work up and down on me. She was taking the entire length of my cock into her mouth before sliding her head up until just my head was left between her lips. She continued like this, driving me wild.

Her mouth released my cock and her hand grasped the base and squeezed. She continued to squeeze as her hand slowly stroked up the shaft causing another drop of precum to appear on the tip. She used her tongue to flick it off of my head then her tongue swirled around my engorged head while she stroked me.

Everything that was happening combined with her amazing oral skills were driving me crazy and I was afraid I was going to cum sooner than I wanted. As if she sensed my pending eruption she stopped. My cock glistened from the wetness her mouth left on it. She gave me one slow stroke and then she let go and stood up between my legs. Her hands moved up her body until she was holding her own breasts. Her hands cupped them and then she pulled both of her nipples until they stretched out. Her eyes were closed and she moaned as she teased herself.

Her eyes opened and she reached down and undid her pants. I reached out to assist her in removing them and she shook her head "no". I leaned back and enjoyed the view as she slowly pushed her pants down her legs until she was standing before me in just her thong.

She allowed one of her hands to trail up her thigh after pushing her pants down. Her fingertip moving closer and closer to the point where her legs met. As her finger traced the outline of her pussy through her panties she leaned her head back and moaned again. Her fingertip slipped underneath the edge of her panties and even though I couldn't see what was happening it was obvious she had moved her finger into her pussy. Her hand moved back and forth before it slipped out from underneath her panties and she held out her glistening finger towards my mouth.

I closed my eyes as she pushed her finger into my mouth. I immediately tasted her wetness on her finger and I sucked on it, savoring her taste. She left her finger in my mouth, moving it in and out as I made sure to lick every drop of her excitement off of it.

Her finger slipped from my mouth and she stepped out of her panties. I was still sitting on the couch as she sat down in my lap facing me. Her hand reached down and grasped my throbbing cock and she held it pointing straight up into the air as she lowered herself towards me.

Our lips met and we kissed again. I felt the tip of my cock brush against her pussy lips. She caught her breath as our most intimate parts touched for the first time. She still had a strong grip on my cock and she began to move it back and forth, causing the head of my cock to move between her wet lips just parting them slightly as she held herself above me.

She was teasing herself by using my hardon. Her entire body shuddered as she moved my throbbing head against her clit.

Our lips were intertwined as my hands helped hold her hips as she hovered above me. She began to moan louder as she continued to get herself off with the help of my cock. She must have decided she could not wait any longer because without warning she pushed herself down and impaled herself onto my hardon with one swift motion.

Her wet pussy slid around my cock as she settled down on top of me. Her pussy felt so tight but she had gotten herself so wet by masturbating herself with my cock that she slid down the length without a problem.

Instead of beginning to move up and down as I expected she began to move back and forth. My hands held her hips as I helped her slide over me. My cock wasn't moving in and out of her so much as she was just grinding her clit against my pelvic bone as she rode me.

We never stopped kissing as she rode me.

My cock was throbbing as it was held deep inside of her. She continued to grind on me.

"Oh my God! I'm going to cum!"

I moved her hips back and forth a little faster as her orgasm began and she started to cum. I felt her pussy tighten around me as her body shook with intense pleasure.

She stopped grinding as her orgasm came to a close. I was amazed at how intense her orgasm appeared to be. She finally opened her eyes and smiled at me.

She leaned down and we kissed. Then she surprised me again by telling me that it was now my turn to cum. She lifted herself up off of me until my cock slipped from her pussy with a wet "plop". She knelt back down between my legs, sitting on the floor. She used her hand to hold my cock again as she began to lick all around the head and shaft, tasting her own wetness she had left on me. Her tongue moved up the length of my shaft then circled the head. When she was convinced she had licked all of her own juices from me she took me into her mouth and began to suck on me.

Her hand stroked what wasn't in her mouth. Her mouth tightened around the shaft as her tongue teased my head. I began to moan and she stopped sucking just long enough to look up at me and tell me she wanted to taste my cum. With that said, she immediately began sucking me even harder than before.

Between her sucking and her hand stroking I felt my orgasm starting. I moaned out to her that I was going to cum and she stroked me faster. I felt the first surge of cum explode from my cock and into her mouth. She moaned as my cum hit the back of her throat. She continued to stroke my cock as I spurted multiple times into her mouth.

When I was finally done cumming she pulled my cock from her mouth and stroked me a couple of times to get the last few drops to come out then she licked them off of my head.

I could only lay back sigh as she finished up every last drop.

She moved up and sat in my lap again as we kissed. This innocent conservative looking woman had completely shocked me. For a date that I thought might end up with a good night kiss on the cheek, this was beyond anything I had thought of all night.

We sat there holding each other for a couple of minutes before I felt her hand reach down and grab my cock again. I looked at her and she had this devilish grin on her face as she began to stroke me to get me hard again. I learned that night to never judge a book by its cover! Sometimes the most innocent looking women will totally surprise you.